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Supported image types: animated GIF, WebP, APNG, FLIF, MNG
Max file size: 100MB

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(Please be patient, adding text to larger GIF images may take some time)

Add subtitles to animated GIFs online

Ezgif's online image text editor allows you to write your text over an animated GIF image without losing the animation, it can add subtitles/annotation to the whole clip or change the text on different frames/parts of the GIF.
You can use drag and drop to position the text on the image.

Upload a GIF or paste a GIF URL to start adding text. It's not possible to edit previously existing text on a GIF image.

Most of the included fonts have full Unicode character support. We also have some Arabic, Korean, Georgian, Hebrew, Thai, Tamil, Telugu, and Devanagari fonts.

If you want to use the previous version of this tool, you can find it here.
To add text to a video file, use our video subtitle tool.