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Animated WebP:

Online animated WebP maker

This tool lets you create animated WebP images. It's very similar to our GIF maker, but outputs animation in WebP format instead of GIF. Powered by webpmux.

You can upload multiple image files to create animation, as well as existing animations for editing. This tool can also be used to convert almost any other image format (not necessarily animated) to WebP, add or remove frames from animated WebP, change frame order, etc.

Qutput image quality can be adjusted with a slider, giving you option to choose between smaller file size or better quality.
You can also choose to stack frames, or dispose them after the frame is displayed.

Delay time used in this tool is one hundredths (1/100) of a second for compatibility with GIF tools, but as WebP format supports delay times in miliseconds (1/1000), you can use a decimal place to set more exact animation speed.

WebP is a lot newer and in many ways superior format than GIF (it supports more colors, alpha transparency, better compression), but keep in mind it's not yet fully supported by all major browsers and image viewers.
You can find more about current state of WebP support in web browsers at

This tool is powered by webpmux.