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Supported image types: WebP
Max file size: 200MB

All uploaded files are automatically deleted 1 hour after upload.
For permanent links you can use: https://ezgif.com/webp-to-gif?url=https://example.com/source-image.gif

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Online animated WebP to GIF converter

A simple online tool that lets you upload and convert WebP to GIF images (including animated ones) with a single click, instantly and for free.

GIF format files typically have a larger file size, and the format is limited to 256 colors, so the image quality may suffer. However, the advantage of converting to GIF is that it is a simpler and older image format with broader support across all kinds of browsers, image viewers, websites and devices.

For more advanced options (changing frame order, speed, merging multiple files into one, etc.) you can also upload your WebP files directly to our GIF maker.