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Online WebP image to JPG (JPEG) converter

WebP is a relatively recent image format known for its efficient compression and high image quality. However, not all web browsers, image viewers and websites currently support this format. If you have an image in WebP format and wish to convert it to the more widely supported JPG format, this tool provides one of the simplest solutions.

This tool also supports WebP animations. In this case, a sequence of JPG images will be generated, and you can choose to save specific images or download them all as a ZIP archive. Given that WebP format supports alpha transparency but JPG does not, you can also specify a color to be used as the background in case the image contains transparent areas. Setting the background color will have no effect on images that don't utilize transparency.

To utilize this tool, simply upload your WebP file and click "Convert to JPG". Subsequently, you can download the converted JPG file or proceed to further edit it as needed.

Please remember to save the output file to your device, since we will automatically delete all files from our servers one hour after the upload!