How to make animated PNG images?

In addition to GIFs, ezgif also lets you create and edit (with some limitations) animated PNG (APNG) and WebP images. Currently these formats are less popular and not supported by all web browsers and image viewers, but they offer a lot of advantages regarding image quality and file size compared to GIF.

If you want to create or edit APNG, keep in mind you need a supported browser. At the moment, most popular choices are Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Google is planning to add APNG support to Chrome in near future (currently available in beta version), but you can enable it with a third-party APNG extension for now.

Unlike WebP, animated PNG is retaining some degree of backward compatibility with older browsers without APNG support, they will display the first frame like any other non-animated PNG file.

If this animation is working for you, your browser supports APNG: APNG demo - bouncing ball

If you want to create animated PNG, we have some options for you:

A) converting a GIF to animated PNG

If you already have animated GIF file, it's very easy to convert it to PNG. Simply upload the GIF and click the "Convert" button.

However, this method won't give you much advantage over GIF format. GIF files have limited color palette and no support for alpha transparency, and simply converting them to PNG won't improve the quality, because the information about colors is already lost when image is converted to GIF. It's the simplest way to make animated PNG, but without much practical use.

B) making animated PNG from individual image files

You can upload multiple PNG or JPG images to our animated PNG maker, choose the order, frame duration and transition effect (if you want to), and it will assemble animated PNG from these images.

With this method you can use the full potential of animated PNG and create images with much broader color palette than GIFs.

C) converting video to PNG

You can convert selected part of any video file to animated PNG with our Video to APNG converter. Upload the file, select start and finish times and it will produce animated PNG file from the video.

APNG is not very good as a video file replacement because converting videos to APNG produces very large files which isn't optimal for use on websites. WebP is better suited for this use case, if you are looking for animated GIF replacement.