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  • ezgif avatarNov 25, 2014

    An update for our gif maker - now it's possible to specify how long each individual frame should be displayed and to skip unnecessary frames.

  • ezgif avatarNov 20, 2014

    Improved layout for better mobile and/or small screen support.
    This should be more usable on handheld devices now.

  • ezgif avatarOct 7, 2014

    @muddieone I just modified it a bit - now gif maker will order files alphabetically by filename. I hope it's working as expected. :)

  • ezgif avatarJul 17, 2014

    We are currently testing a new feature - video to gif converter -

  • ezgif avatarJun 5, 2014

    We just finished yet another tool - gif rotator

  • ezgif avatarMay 29, 2014

    We also recently added more options to the ezgif GIF optimization tool. Now you can reduce the file size more effectively without losing too much of the quality.

  • ezgif avatarMar 10, 2014

    @ImpsCorner it took some time, but here you go - - tool for adding text to to gifs. :)

  • ezgif avatarDec 5, 2013

    Just launched our GIF animator -
    Give it a try and tell us what we should improve! :)

  • ezgif avatarOct 29, 2013

    Sorry for the downtime. We moved ezgif to a new server, hope it'll work even better.

  • ezgif avatarMay 29, 2013

    We just added a new and cool feature to our site - gif effects

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